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International House Removings

Courier / Express Courier



With its wide vehicle fleet equipped with mobile communication systems, its infrastructure reinforced with advanced information technologies and expert personnel, Novader Logistics provides complete vehicle and partial transportation services to its customers in line with the principle of quality service.

International House Removings

With  experience, we know it’s not just a matter of moving things from A to B.  It is about the smallest detail and the greatest consideration.

Courier /

Express Courier

We can deliver of all types and sizes of documents or parcels and are available to help at any time. Our experience means we can help you with your deliveries whatever your requirements are.

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Satellite Tracking System

Novader continues its march, which started with the aim of being one of the most reliable names in the sector, with confident steps. It is enough to work with us once to see that we offer the service you deserve by listening to the different needs of our customers.


All Novader Logistics Transport vehicles are equipped with Satellite Tracking System, so 24-hour monitoring is provided even when the vehicle is on the go. Information is exchanged from the vehicle to the office, from the office to the vehicle 24 hours a day, and service disruptions are terminated, this process can be followed by you on the internet.




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